Testimonial - Alana Preston

Alana Preston

Joining CSUF Moot Court was one of the best decisions I made in my undergraduate career. I enrolled in the class because I had always wanted to be a lawyer and Moot Court was one of the few classes that offered real advocacy experience. The class was demanding but well worth the effort. I learned how to use legal analysis, write and orally advocate well before any of my classmates in law school had even cracked open their first-year books. Moot Court was an invaluable competitive edge once I entered law school and remains a highlight on my resume as I enter my final year of legal education. I enthusiastically recommend Moot Court to any student who wishes to pursue a career in the legal field. I was recently offered an RA position to write Whittier's 2013 Juvenile Justice Moot Court Competition's problem and bench brief. The main reason why I was considered was because of my undergrad involvement with moot court. Once again, undergrad moot court opening doors!

-Alana Preston, Moot Court 2009, CSUF Class of 2010, Whittier Law School Class of 2013