Testimonial - Brian DelVecchio


Moot Court is the only class in my undergraduate experience that was able to prepare and inform me on the commitment necessary for law school. This class pushed my limits both personally and academically. Moot Court introduced me to a new level of academic difficulty and reward. This class gave me the opportunity to travel and meet some of the most influential contributors in the legal field. The program gives you face to face interactions with individuals and entities that might otherwise be "out of reach" For example I have had the privilege of having one on one time with law school admission directors, deans of law schools, constitutional scholars, district attorney's , and the list goes on. . I was taught skills that have assisted me in securing employment, career advancement and propelled my confidence in public speaking. The skills and experiences I have had transcend academia and I have had the privilege of working with the best and brightest students on campus. Going into this class I knew I wanted to be an attorney, now I am confident I will be at the head of my class. Moot Court has opened doors that would have otherwise been closed. I had a less than average LSAT school which without Moot Court would have made law school out of reach. I have not only been granted admission to these law schools but also offered scholarships. The admissions directors I spoke with unanimously agree that what set me apart was my experience in Moot Court. Moot Court has quite literally changed my life forever. Thank you PAM!!!!

-Brian DelVecchio, CSUF Moot Court Assistant Coach; Moot Court Nationals Participant 2009 & 2010 #7 All American Orator; CSUF Class of 2011, Law School Class 2016