Testimonial - Sabrina Jangda

Sabrina Jangda

"Moot court turned out to be one the most intense classes I have ever taken, yet it was also the most rewarding. I joined the class because I wanted to learn more about the law. I knew that moot court would allow me to gain experience in the field as well as improve my forensic skills. The legal research involved in the class was a new and interesting experience for me. In a few short months I learned more about the constitution then I could have ever imagined.

The dedication and long nights were rewarded by both advancing to the national competition at Regent University and the personal reward of the knowledge acquired. I feel that Moot Court helped me realize my potential in future academic endeavors.

The research that I conducted in Moot Court intensified my appetite for the law. It was definitely one of the reasons that I considered attending law school. I currently attend Southwestern Law School. My participation in Moot Court has helped my tremendously in law school. Moot Court allowed to me gain the skills needed in law school. Through Moot Court I learned how to analyze both sides of the arguments without emotion. I learned how to write legally persuasive arguments. I learned how to hold my ground and not waiver. I have also learned how to speak more effectively in front of an audience without wanting to run out the door. All these skills have been a tremendous benefit and advantage for me in law school. I would recommend that anyone considering a career in law take Moot Court in undergrad."

-Sabrina Jangda, Moot Court 2006 & 2007, BA Political Science 2008